A BRIEF ACCOUNT OF A LONG JOURNEY for brass trombone and quintet, Op. 18 (

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A three movements work for Bass Trombone and Quintet

(Fl. (muta in Picc.); Bb Cl. (muta in Bs. Cl.); Piano; Double Bass; Drums Set.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

I.- Guatire: Genesis, Roots y Tradition.                                                                               

II.- Caracas: The City of the «Red News» –  Cosmopolitan                                                                                          

III.- Towards New Horizons.                                                                                                                                   


Estimated during: ca. 10 minutes.                                                         

Format: PDF (files encrypted – password included)                       


Work commissioned by the extraordinary Venezuelan trombonist José Leonardo León. World Premiered on March 7th, 2018, in the Grussin Music Hall – Imig Music Building of the College of Music of University of Colorado at Boulder (USA), as part of his evaluation as a candidate for the Doctorate in Music at the University of Colorado – Boulder.                                The work consists of a movement divided into three sections, which descriptively reflects the musical transit of the Mtro. Leon from his native city of Guatire, passing through Caracas to then take new directions and make a career beyond our Venezuelan borders. Released in Boulder-Colorado (USA) on The work, in addition to musically describing this journey of many years, also pays homage to several composers, both Venezuelan and foreign, of which the author in some cases uses quotations from some of his most emblematic works. In other cases, it uses certain genres or rhythms that were popularized by these composers. In the same way it also makes use of certain melodies both partially and suggested in order to locate the listener geographically within a specific context of the work. Of course, the work also has its own themes. The citations serve with the purpose of linking certain sections, combining the «musical history of José», giving coherence and continuity to the discourse and, of course, paying tribute to these distinguished composers and their work.

Beyond that the present work is a «timeline» that reflects the musical journey of Mtro. José Leonardo León, is also a reflection of his great versatility in a variety of musical genres.