Diptych from a Lockdown for alto sax and piano, Op. 20

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Diptych from a Lockdown

For alto sax and piano, Op. 28

I.- Evocative

II.- Aldemareado

Estimated during: ca. 6´30″ minutes               .                                                                            

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The Diptych from a Lockdown is a work commissioned by the extraordinary American saxophonist Tim McAllister for a recording project in conjunction with the pianist Liz Ames. Composed in the year 2020 consists of two completely contrasting movements. The first Evocative, is a slow and bucolic tune in character. It let to show the expressive qualities of the saxophone as a solo instrument. In the middle of the movement there is a short cadenza, which extends to the entire range of the instrument. The second movement Aldemareado featuring an energetic and lively character, is a brief tribute to the Venezuelan Maestro Aldemaro Romero. This composer´s decision is due to the fact that the Venezuelan work for sax that is best known in the world is his Latin American Quartet for Saxophones. Hence the need to pay a humble tribute to him for his musical contribution to the musical world. This movement has several very characteristic elements of the music Romero as well as some brief quotes from some of his most important popular works. In the same way, it is incorporated within a tonal context, characteristic effects of the sax used in other types of music, such as slaps. This work was recorded on February 20, 2021 at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (Michigan), and was broadcast via streaming on March 19, 2021 within the framework of the V Conference of the North American Saxophone Alliance (NASA), due to the general quarantine circumstances established as a result of the pandemic by COVID-19.

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