EPISODIOS RITUALES (RITUAL EPISODES) for string quartet, Op. 4a (2004)

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I.- Prelude and Dance                                               

II.- Pavana                                                                                  

III.- Bacanal                                                                               

Estimated during: ca. 14 minutes.

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Composed in three movements, allegorical to the human ritual character in different events of lifetime, being this one the connective element between all its the three parts. Two particular facts stand out: It is the first work of this author which lacks obvious features of Venezuelan nationalism in the classical sense of the word and, is the first to use an unconventional language where the use of tonality is abandoned at certain times, it uses both compound rhythmic patterns and timbre combinations for use in certain solos, as well as within the reinforcement in the rhythmic component.

This work has been adapted in several formats over the last years: For chamber orchestra (Op. 4b – 2005); for symphonic band (Op. 4c – 2012); and for chamber ensemble (Op. 4d – 2016). Interestingly, having released these three versions, the original string quartet version remained without being premiered for fifteen years. This first public execution took place on October 12, 2019 in the “Fedora Alemán” Hall of the National Center for Social Action for Music in Caracas (Venezuela), by members of the “Titan” String Quartet, group born in the National System of Children and Youth Orchestras of Venezuela.

The chamber orchestra version Op. 4b won the 2010 Municipal Music Award, under the category “Short Symphony Work”, «Modesta Bor» Prize.