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Work for flute alone (C-flute with B-foot)                                                                                                                               

Estimated during: ca. 8 minutes                                                                                                                            

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Work commissioned by the «Proyecto Meserón» Organization, for the National Young Flute Contest «Joven Méserón» which is scheduled to take place in November 2017 in Caracas – Venezuela, as a obligatory work of the second round of the same.
Written for single flute between July 24 and 30, 2017, the work is inspired by the socio-political events that have occurred in Venezuela since April 2017. As of the completion dateof the work, the events that have resulted in the most serious institutional crisis of the country, still persists.
The composer, through this work, reflects one of the aspects that within this conflict has emerged with greater notoriety in response to it: THE RESISTANCE. The RESISTANCE aspect that the composer portrays in the work, contrasts it with another aspect that incorporates the work, and is the concept of RESILIENCE.
Taking into account its meaning, the RESILIENCE for the purposes of this work, refers to the various coping mechanisms of the sequels left by this particular conflict of our country. Taking into account both concepts, the general structure of the work is enunciated in its title Resistance – Resilience – Resistance. The work, after a long episode as an introduction, subtracts from these two aspects presented in the form of an arc, as expressed in the title. The Resistance represented in the combat, the fight, the confrontation, the clash of two opposing forces in criterion and ideology. This section is represented as a very virtuous moto perpetuo (perpetual motion), where the most extreme ranges of the instrument are explored. The intermediate section Resilience is represented by a random chance (random section), which symbolizes forms of coping, and are represented by variants. Each is written using various extended instrument techniques (whistle tone, tounge-ram, wind, play and sing, etc.). From
a total of ten variants, the performer can select the ones desired, varying the order of appearance of the same from a minimum of five to the total) varying the order of appearance of the same. Then a transitive section appears that connects again with the section Resistance, presented with slight modifications until its conclusion. Without any incentive to generate a polemic around the above mentioned meanings (especially in the political aspect), I made clear the intention of the present work as my particular vision as an artist of the present Venezuelan conflict