TRIPTICO for violin and piano, Op. 10 (2010)

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Work for for violín and piano in dodecaphonic style.                                                                                                                               


II.- Giocco                                                         


Estimated during: ca. 7 minutes                                                                                                                            

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As part of the activities of the «Antonio Estévez» Composition Class, accurately conducted by Mtro. Juan Carlos Núñez, we have token an overview about compositional styles that sometime ago were on vanguard, such as the serialism. As result of that process of experimentation, appears this Tríptico (Triptych) for Violin and Piano (2010). Premiered on June 26th, 2011 with the talents members of Venezuela Symphony Orchestra Carlos Romero Vallenilla on the violin (to whom the work is dedicated) and Carlos Gutiérrez on the piano, as part of the chamber music concerts organized for Venezuela Symphony Orchestra and «Arturo Uslar Pietri» Foundation. The Triptych has three movements, each one generated from an individual tone row. The sense of the each tone row as well as the tone quality of both instruments, give the composer searching tools in order to explore his own musical discourse throughout this compositional technique. In the same way that Five Dodecaphonic Explorations for piano (2009-2010), Triptych for violin and piano is a work merely exploratory, without a mayor purpose that to know the serial technique of composition and let the sense of the established tone row for each movement unveil its own discourse.