CONCERTO N° 1 for two flutes and orchestra flute, Op. 12a (2010)

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Fl. Solo 1 & 2                                                                                                                                                                  

Fl. I; Fl II; Fl. III; Fl. IV; A. Flute; B. Flute; C-Bass flute (optional); percussion (2 congas, maracas)

Estimated during: ca. 10 minutes                                                                           

Format: PDF (files encrypted – password included)                                                                                      

Work commissioned by the National Orchestra of Flutes of Venezuela. Premiered on March 26th 2011, with the ONF, under the direction of Mtra. María Gabriela Rodríguez, having the extraordinary appearing of the young Alexis Angulo and Maríacelis Navarro as soloists. Composed in the classic format of three movements, with a total duration of 10 minutes. I.- Raimundadas: In tribute to a dear friend and extraordinary Venezuelan flutist and composer, Raimundo Pineda. Written and thought of the rhythm of Venezuelan “merengue”. II.- Pequeño Vocalise “Chorado”. Written thinking of the famous  «Vocalise» of S. Rachmaninoff but with the charm of the Brazilian rhythm of  «choro”  hence the composition of the title. III.- Afro-Onda Nueva: In homage to the Mtro. Aldemaro Romero, Venezuelan composer and pianist, creator of the musical genre “Onda Nueva». In this movement, the composer decides to include an Afro-American percussion section, in a sort of «fusion» with the genre created by the Mtro. Romero.  

A new version of this concerto (12b) for two flutes and chamber orchestra is available on hire. This version was premiered with the Venezuela Symphony Orchestra under the conduction of Mtra. María Gabriela Rodríguez, with the composer as soloist, plus the young Carlos Pabon, as co-soloist.