CREDO for three flutist, Op. 17

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Work for three flutes (1 & 2 C-flute + picc, A. flute)                                                                                                                                

Estimated during: ca. 8 minutes                                                                                                                            

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Commissioned by the Venezuelan flute player María Fernanda Castillo, for be premiered at one of her Doctoral Recitals in the University of Louisiana (U.S.A.) programming for April, 2016.The work keeps certain syncretism with the Christian prayer “Credo” (“I Believe”)      Father, Son and Holy Spirit as an indivisible unit.Without delving into the religious content, this syncretism translates into three flute player (two of them exchanging flute and piccolo flute), in which each one play a key role both as soloist and accompanist, when so required. And among those three flute player form that “indivisible unit”   which is the work in its sound expression. In the same way, the word “Credo” could be meaning as the firm belief in the skills and musical solvency of their performers.Composed in a single movement with four distinct sections: Luctuoso – Vivo – Reflexivo –Vivo, using some of the well-known flute extended techniques.