PAJARILLO A DÚO for flute and clarinet, Op. 2 (2003)

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A brief piece for flute and Bb clarinet based on the Venezuelan musical genre joropo, specifically the «pajarillo»                                                                 

Estimated during: ca: 2 minutes.

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This piece was composed in January 2003 and dedicated to Crescendo Duo (Joanna and Kennen White) on the occasion of the recording of his CD. Written within the harmonic and melodic structure of one of the most widespread subgenres within the “Joropo Llanero, El Pajarillo, the piece is a sample of the use of these types of genres within the chamber context. Within the melodic aspect, although preserving the generic nature of the melody or «call» of the bird, elements external to the genre are used using jazz elements within its structure. As for the accompaniment, it is done by marking the pattern of the characteristic bass of the genre but complementing the intermediate and superior voices with notes of the chords that weave the harmonic structure. Throughout the musical discourse both instruments, exchanging the accompaniment and soloist roles.